Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Murder Mystery Novel

Layered with many different meanings and plot twists, The Glass Shadow is a unique murder mystery novel and the first book I have ever written.  The story and the characters continue to grip my mind and even the way I love the people around me.  I know you are thinking "Of course it does, you're the author!" but I believe that this story is more than that.  There is something about it that I have never seen anywhere else.  Twelve diverse characters trapped on a yacht; origami butterflies placed beside each murdered body.  A god-like son and a goddess-like mother living only in the dreams and memories of the main character, Connor Alekseev, phenomenal and breath-taking yet horrific and cold.  But the one idea, the key element that makes this novel stand out against any other story I have ever heard of, is a deep mystery behind seemingly innocent items.  I have been called a perfectionist but when I finished writing this book in the spring of 2012 I told myself, "I don't care what other people think anymore.  I am absolutely satisfied with this story."  My prayer is that it can bless you as well.

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